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As long time owners and salesmen in the retail automotive industry, the founders of Magic Clear Lens have repeatedly faced the complications associated with cleaning cloudy headlights on used vehicles.

Understandably, franchise and independent dealers that sell pre-owned vehicles understand cars that shine in the sun versus those that pale in the background are much easier to sell.

Attempts at cleaning headlights lens, however, have continued to produce mixed results, often with extensive time and money lost.

Magic Clear Lens was designed to be a solution that would benefit retail automotive dealerships, and ultimately benefit car owners everywhere.

There's Magic in a Smile!

Each time our customers smile, we throw a little feel-good party in our brains. Until now, headlights lens didn’t have a preservation option, and Magic Clear Lens provides the ideal solution of improving headlight appearances in seconds - making automobiles and their owners regain pride with a bright, attractive, clear headlight lens.

Cloudy headlights are both dangerous and unsightly, but with Magic Clear Lens, families can now drive safer and with pride as their headlights will forever look like new!

Magic Clear Lens is here - see better and look better!

How it Works