How Magic Clear Lens Works - Magic Clear Lens

How It Works

How it Works

Magic Clear Lens is a liquid cleaning, preservation, and maintenance treatment for automobile headlights. Simply shake the bottle, add a small amount onto a cotton cloth and apply to headlights.

The treatment improves lens clarity by clearing off layers of oxidation, acid rain, and road grime from unsightly headlights. Depending on the original lens condition, a single application can last several months.

The process can be repeated for the life of the lens without altering its integrity. Anyone can achieve successful results in seconds!

Why Magic Clear Lens?

Magic Clear Lens is unlike any other headlight restoration product on the market! What makes Magic Clear Lens different? We address and resolve the existing problems faced by other headlight lens products/systems.

Others require:

Extensive labor and time by a trained professional (sanding, buffing, and re-applying a clear coat layering)

Others further require:

Removal of layers of plastic from the headlight lens, weakening and damaging its structural integrity

Others eventually require:

Total replacement of the headlight lens, with costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars

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