4 oz. Bottle of Magic Clear Lens - Magic Clear Lens

Magic 40

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Magic Clear Lens foggy headlight cleaner works like magic! Wipe away years of caked-on grime, guts, oxidation, acid rain, and industrial fallout... IN SECONDSPlus, there's NO sanding required!

Magic 40 is an individual 4 oz. bottle of Magic Clear Lens, that contains enough headlight cleaning solution to refresh approximately 20 cars - that's 40 headlights

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What makes Magic Clear Lens better than other headlight renewal methods? Our headlight restoration kit requires NO sanding! This preserves the quality and lifespan of your lenses, while giving your headlights a like-new look!

Magic Clear Lens Money Back Guarantee

It really does work like magic! We're so sure you'll love Magic Clear Lens, that you get a Money Back Guarantee with your purchase! 



  1. Shake well before each application.
  2. Place cloth made of 100% cotton against open end of bottle and tip for one second (this will last entire lens).
  3. Apply solution to headlight 5”-7” at a time, moving swiftly horizontally.
  4. Repeat on second headlight.
  5. Enjoy your clear lens!

Note: Cleaning/polishing/drying cloths not included with this item. Please read the terms of our Money Back Guarantee.